Blockchain Alliance Europe Partnership

Blockchain Allaince Europe Partnership

After partnering up with CoinSyncom, we have another exciting announcement to make. Blockchain Revolution closed an important strategic partnership deal with Blockchain Alliance Europe from Slovenia.

Blockchain Alliance Europe is a non-profit association from Slovenia. It is very active in the education of both professionals and non-professionals with the goal of speeding up the mass adoption of blockchain and related technologies. Blockchain Alliance Europe and Blockchain Revolution both recognized the potential of the blockchain technologies and decided to join forces to accomplish the shared goal – to spread awareness about blockchain and decentralized systems through education.

Both Blockchain Alliance Europe and Blockchain Revolution are operating in the region that shares many similarities. Therefore, we found it natural and mutually beneficial to collaborate and to exchange our experiences, ideas, and enthusiasm.  

The work of Blockchain Alliance Europe is a big inspiration for our recently established organization. Moreover, it is proof that we can achieve great things with the right approach and commitment. We consider our collaboration as a chance to prove ourselves as a valuable contributor in the field of blockchain education across the SEE region.

The Adriatic Region Partnership

Regarding our partnership, the president of Blockchain Alliance Europe, Tanja Bivič, stated:

As neighbouring countries, Slovenia and Croatia are socially and culturally connected, which is why following mutual goals comes to us naturally. Education is certainly key to promoting blockchain technology and can help our countries in developing competitive advantages immensely, which is why building strong partnerships in the Adriatic Region is more than welcome. I strongly believe that we need to listen to and learn from each other in order to contribute to innovative approaches in the educational and economic field.

Blockchain Alliance Europe has also published an extensive article about the new partnership. This way, we want to thank them for introducing us to their readers in such a great fashion.

We are looking forward to exchanging our ideas, achievements, and knowledge in this exciting new blockchain era that is unfolding before our eyes.

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