CoinSyncom and Blockchain Revolution Joined Forces to Strengthen Crypto Adoption

CoinSyncom cryptocurrency and blockchain

We are delighted to announce that Blockchain Revolution is now officially a partner with the CoinSyncom cryptocurrency and blockchain journal. The parties finalized the partnership today. Furthermore, CoinSyncom’s founder and editor-in-chief, Luka Kapetanić, became a member and a strategic advisor of our organization.

CoinSyncom is a budding leader in the field of selective crypto-related publishing. Their extensive technical analysis section is already well-known in crypto circles for being among the most trustworthy sources written by professionals. Moreover, the vast knowledge from CoinSyncom’s experts can be utilized to benefit our cause, which is to educate young people about the blockchain technology.

Regarding the collaboration, Kapetanić said:

I’m really glad to be able to work with such enthusiastic and hard-working individuals. Blockchain Revolution is a noteworthy initiative and the region thirsts for such a project. Especially since young people are still not thoroughly aware of new technologies. Therefore, I hope that together we can do a terrific job of promoting and exploring blockchain and its immense advantages.

Our two organizations will begin working together on the extensive preparations for Blockchain Revolution’s future activities. We are already working on the upcoming events calendar. Therefore, stay tuned.